Pre-Orders FAQ

What does it mean if I order a Pre-Order Item? 

If an item is a pre-order item it will be indicated by "PRE-ORDER" in the product title or in the description.  When you order a pre-order item you are securing that item and it will ship to you when it arrives in our shop.  

When will I recieve my pre-order product?

Pre-order arrival dates are different for various collections and items so please refer to the item description or contact us for a more specific estimate on when your item will be shipped.  We respond quickly via the chat function on our website or e-mail at

How long do pre-order items taken to arrive?

Each pre-order item is different.  Some items will only take a week to come in while others will take a month+.  We love offering pre-orders because we know you want to shop early and not worry about the good stuff selling out.  The instant we see an amazing product line from our vendors, we share it.  It also gives us a good idea of how much product to order.  We deal with so many different vendors so we are at the mercy of them and their supply chain.